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Dear Friends and Fans,

Over the last decade, Russ has retired from the field of acting and has been working as the personal manager and mentor for his daughter, Amber.

Simultaneously, Russ has been working on his autobiography entitled "Dancing on the Edge".  This work contains rich vignettes of his memoirs and reflections of his contemporaries in the fields of entertainment and modern art - the Beats and the Hip generation; it will have many photos from his private collection, original artwork and personal stories of his 60 years in show business and the world of contemporary art.  Please visit the Memoir page for more information on the book and to sign up for an opportunity to obtain an autographed advance copy.

Recently Russ toured throughout the U.S., Canada and the world with folk star Neil Young and Young's critically acclaimed environmental rock-novel concert 'Greendale'.  As the director, choreographer and a featured character, Russ will be adding this amazing journey to his book.

Russ continues to make guest appearances for charities and benefits around the world and is considered one of the great remaining treasures of the classic age of Hollywood, as well as a contemporary mover and shaker.  Please visit the News page to keep up with all of Russ' activities.

Russ appreciates your continued support and interest in his career and artistry.












Russ Tamblyn 2014
Last Updated 12/13/2019